Dress up doll with four outfits wall decal

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Dress up doll all outfits

Who didn’t enjoy the paper dress up dolls of their girlhood? We’ve created a modern verson for a new generation! Abby comes with four outfits: a Sailor outfit, traditional Maori costume, Bedtime outfit and Party Dress. Abby is attired in pretty underwear set, and is based on a typical eight year old girl.

Abby and her outfits are available in three sizes. The large doll is 46cm tall, the medium doll is 32cm tall and the small doll is 20cm tall.

Sheet sizes: ​
Small: 28cm x 24cm
Medium: 48cm x 44cm
Large: 78cm x 48cm;

Dress up doll Abby and all outfits contains:

1x Abby doll
1x cropped pants 
1x sailor style top
2x boat shoes
1x headband
2x pois
1x piupiu (skirt)
1x woven bodice with a greenstone tiki
1x face tattoo (moko) – (not included in small size)
1x korowai cloak
1x long flannel nightie
2x hair ribbon (matching nightie & party dress)
2x slippers
1x teddy bear
1x party dress
2x ruby shoes


About Stickytiki wall decals

You can move and rearrange them countless times, take them with you when you move, tell stories with the kids or create a new look everyday – it’s truly unlimited!

Our reusable wall decals are made from fabric so they wont rip, wrinkle or damage your space. They adhere to any smooth surface and can be repositioned and moved many times. They are weatherproof, so they can go outdoors, and are washable so those sticky little fingermarks can be easily wiped off.

NZ$35.00 NZ$20.00
Limited Stock
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