Vintage Correspondence wall decal

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Vintage Correspondence Mini Mural wall decal
Vintage Correspondence Mini Mural wall decal

Designed by Tania Hassounia of Drawer Full of Giants, Vintage Correspondence was inspired by the vintage detailing of the everyday items of 19th century England. From timepieces and fobs to paper clips, from brooches, perfume bottles and swallows to roses and ribbons.  Drawing inspiration from that space woman like to create around themselves for that ‘me’ time where they journal or write letters and have pretty things round them to lift their souls. These decals would look lovely in those places, next to your treasures and keepsakes. 

Each original design is printed onto our fabric decal to create a beautiful vintage inspired décor for your space. 

Sheet size: 48cm by 44cm

Vintage Correspondence contains:

  • 1x rose
  • 1x perfume bottle
  • 1x teacup
  • 1x paperclip
  • 2x different heart brooches
  • 2x different pocket watches
  • 1x swallow
  • 1x swallows on a branch
  • 1x pink ribbon
  • 1x postcard text
  • 1x clock
  • 1x side table
  • 1x writing paper
  • 1x ribbon bow
  • 1x stamp
  • 1x 'my love' text
  • 1x frame
  • 1x clover leaf
  • 3x flowers


About Stickytiki wall decals

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Our reusable wall decals are made from fabric so they wont rip, wrinkle or damage your space. They adhere to any smooth surface and can be repositioned and moved many times. They are weatherproof, so they can go outdoors, and are washable so those sticky little fingermarks can be easily wiped off.

NZ$79.00 NZ$50.00
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