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What is StickyTiki?

StickyTiki are self adhesive removable wall stickers designed to make your space sing. StickyTiki means you can create artistic decor in minutes on any smooth surface. When you want to change, just peel them off and rearrange or move them to a different wall, room, house or country. It's that easy. StickyTiki wall decals are a great alternative to traditional wall coverings, stencils and paint.

What makes StickyTiki different?

StickyTiki removable wall stickers are made from a fine fabric adhesive, so they feel lovely, not plastic. We design and make every aspect of StickyTiki here in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand) from our hand painted, originals.

Combining beautiful colors with the best quality material available means that once up on your walls, ceiling, fridge or surface of your choice they truly look like they are painted there. Use StickyTiki in corners or around corners. StickyTiki won't rip or crease. All murals are water/weatherproof so can be washed and used outdoors! Hey put them on the car!

Not only are the visuals and materials top class but unlike most other wall decals on the market StickyTiki can be moved dozens if not hundreds of times. (Our own testing is up around the 140 moves mark. Others have tested it with over 250 moves over a 2 year period.)

This means you have a lot of choice with your StickyTiki. It means you can rearrange or move your StickyTiki at will. It means that older kids can build their own mural themselves. It means that small kids murals can be used for interactive storytelling if you want. Cool huh?

Can I stick my StickyTiki to any surface?

StickyTiki removable wall stickers will adhere to most smooth surfaces, painted walls, concrete, plastic, timber, solid plaster, metal, pretty well any smooth surface. We have used outside on concrete walls, cars, caravans endless!

Please note the only surface we have found StickyTiki doesn't enjoy is 'Orange peel' which is a common wall texture in America. So a smooth wall is best.

Stickytiki will adhere to some high gloss products so well that it can stretch slightly out of shape on removal so please test first with smaller pieces.

If you have just painted your walls please wait 30 days for them to cure before using your Stickytiki.

If you're unsure contact us for a sample

How long will my StickyTiki wall decals last?

StickyTiki wall decals should last inside 3 - 5 years with no problems if it is looked after ie kept dust free on adhesive side. The material is incredibly resilient. The only thing that will really stop it working is getting to much dust on the adhesive. Even then though you can wipe the adhesive side of StickyTiki with a damp cloth and it should stick again. While all StickyTiki wall decals are weatherproof we don't recommend placing them in full sunlight long term as some fading may occur over time.

Can I customise my order?

Sure, We're happy for you to contact us about any changes you may wish to make. Please note - extra charges may apply for customisation.

​Can StickyTiki wall decals go in the bathroom?

StickyTiki is fine in the bathroom but we recommend you keep them out of direct wet areas ie: in the bath or under the direct wet area of the shower.You must make sure bathroom, or similar, surfaces are dry before applying your StickyTiki decals.

Will StickyTiki wall decals leave a residue when removed?

StickyTiki will not leave any residue as long is it is applied to a non-porous surface. It can be moved dozens of times.

Will StickyTiki wall decals pull paint off?

If your wall / surface is in good condition you should have no problems. If you have flaky paint then it will come off with StickyTiki.

As we can't actually see your walls StickyTiki Ltd makes no explicit guarantee on removing our product.

How long will it take to receive my StickyTiki?

New Zealand - We make all of our decals to order so the turn around time is approx 4 days to be made then 1-2 days courier within NZ...which is free!

International - Please allow normal postage times. Australia 4-8 days, rest of the World approx 10 working days in addition to turn around time.

Do you send StickyTiki overseas?

Yes, we certainly do!

Lots of our sales to date have gone offshore, and mostly get there in less time than some bigger countries take to get theirs across states.

We dont charge freight for orders anywhere in the world over NZ$150 and we are super helpful if your StickyTiki happens to go astray (very rare), so dont be scared, head on over to our Testimonials page or our Etsy shop to see some feedback from our overseas customers or if you would prefer to shop in US$.

Do you sell Wholesale?

Yes we do some wholesale. We are always interested to hear from you, but please include details about your shop, other labels you stock, and any other details or links if you have them that may interest us to see if StickyTiki is a suitable fit for you. Contact us

Anything I should know about refunds and exchanges?

What you see in our product photos is what you get, except for children and props. We do not bulk out the photos of our decals by using some from other sets to make it look better. In fact, ours are way better in life!

We post overseas by international air mail. NZ post will cover the cost of any lost items (through their fault) and we will replace these items after effort has been made to make sure they just haven't gone astray.

We will never never leave you out of pocket! We do not offer an exchange as our products are made to order. This is why we are sure to photograph using real people and props not computer generated product photos. This ensures you are in for no surprises on receiving a StickyTiki mural. We will certainly refund damaged goods.We are really friendly and really approachable.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any problems whatsoever with your StickyTiki.

We want to help.


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