Free Shipping within New Zealand for orders over $60
Free Shipping within New Zealand for orders over $60

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If you're looking to add a New Zealand flavour to your home or office, we have a great selection of kiwiana wall decals. From native NZ birds, to trees and marine life, we have you covered. We work with other New Zealand artists, so have a range of styles to choose from. Whether you are sending a gift to a homesick kiwi overseas, buying something for your bach, home or office to remind you of what you love about this beautiful country, we have something for everyone!

Our decals are reusable, and as easy to remove as they are to apply. So if you're not staying for long, you can still decorate your space just how you like it, and then take them with you when you leave. Or if you like mixing things up with your decor, you can move them around whenever you feel like a change.

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