Removable wallpaper

When you're wanting something a bit more high impact than a decal, we now have removable wallpaper. This is made from the same material as our decals, meaning you just peel and stick the wallpaper, and apply it to your walls. Later on, when you want a change, you can peel it off, just like our decals, which is a lot easier than removing traditional wallpaper! You can also apply it straight on to painted walls – just give them time to cure first. Or you can apply it over existing wallpaper. Just make sure to select the 'blockout' option, so the pattern of the old wallpaper doesn't show through.

Once again, we have teamed up with talented New Zealand artists and illustrators to bring you a range of designs you won't find anywhere else in NZ.

Nature wallpapers

Kids wallpaper collection

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